Pleasant Enough I Suppose

It was cold today, and should be cold tomorrow. I don’t like cold weather right now. It’s supposed to be warm and springy. It’ll be warm again by Wednesday, but that’s not soon enough.

Honey sealed the grout in the dining room and I’ll do the kitchen tomorrow.

We cooked out burgers and dogs on the grill tonight. It didn’t hit the spot like it normally does. That was quite disappointing.

Marshall keeps coming in and asking me to come outside to look at a baby rabbit that Paden has (Paden is Cain’s buddy) and I am NOT going to do it. Paden is looking for a home for it and I know what will happen when I see it, so I’m just not even going to go look. And if Marshall doesn’t quit asking me to come look at it, I’m going to try and find him a new home, too.

It’s my buddy Kandi’s birthday. I think she’s like 32 or something today *snicker*…. SOOO, happy birthday, buddy! I hope you have a beautiful one. We love you!

Speaking of beautiful ones, let me share this photo that my daughter took of herself and sent to me. She is lovely, this gal o’mine:

Her boyfriend is a lucky guy, don’t you think?

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2 thoughts on “Pleasant Enough I Suppose

  1. Tell Marshall and Paden I said THANKS…guess who ended up with the baby rabbit…However, Jake nor Cain said anything about Paden looking for a home, if my memory serves me correctly they said they found it and couldn’t let it die….So being the sweet mommy that I am I fixed it up a cage with a little food and calling the vet to see how I should care for it…Wait until I get a hold on those boys…

  2. Bunnies are just short and cute like everyone suposes… they got those hoppy legs and twitchie little noses… and what’s with all the carrots? What do they need such good eyesight for anyway??? Bunnies… bunnies bunnies it must be bunnies….

    Or maybe midgets….

    (Okay, so T & E will get it. You would too if you ever watch Buffy!

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