This is a sign heading guests in the right direction for the wedding I helped Kandi shoot yesterday. I thought it was a great idea.  And boy, they weren’t kidding, it WAS a redneck wedding.  We had a lot of fun shooting it. :) I wasn’t as much help as I usually am because I kept feeling pretty bad, but hopefully I got some nice shots for her.

I slept until about 10 this morning. Actually we all did. I jumped in the shower as soon as I got up and when I got out Marshall’s parents were here.  We got to visit with them for a while and after they left I started working on the house. We didn’t finish the work we have in the kitchen but we plan on doing that tomorrow.

It is pouring down rain and storming right now.  I absolutely love it.  The weather has turned a little cooler, too, so we had to close some of our windows. The low on Tuesday, I think, is supposed to be 38 degrees, which struck me as funny because we just shut off the pilot light on the heater thinking the cool weather was all gone.

Have a good night. :)

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2 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. I went to a redneck wedding and was it ever a blast. I wish I’d been hired to do the photography. The happy couple sped off in 4 wheelers in her wedding gown and his camouflage outfit. They 4 wheeled through MUD!
    I did end up taking about 40 pics and giving them to the couple. It was fun!

  2. What do you mean it WAS a redneck wedding? lol I was so glad that you helped Kandi. It was a blast wasn’t it? I hope you have rested up. Happy Birthday Lucy!!!!

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