Happy Birthday, Lucy!

Yesterday evening after we straightened up the house a tiny bit, my honey decided he wanted to go to Armandos to get a burger. We loaded up Lucy and took off to Fort Oglethorpe. We got our food and then went and had a picnic supper in the Chickamauga Battlefield. We had a very nice time. I took this shot on my way home. The sunset was glorious and we pulled over on Long Hollow Road to let Lucy see the cows while I snapped away with my little camera. Beautiful I tell you!

My hubby is ready to strangle me. I think I’ve mentioned on here a few times that I’ve been trying to attract blue jays to my yard for a long time. I’ve finally got them to start coming to my yard and I could NOT be happier. I don’t just have one or two, but possibly up to 10 that are frequenting my feeders for the peanuts I provide for them. Guess what they do? They wake us up each morning with their squawking. I find it wonderful, my hubby does not. LOL I expect him to smother me any day now. They ARE really loud but its ok with me. They are spectacular.

I think blue jays were the first birds that I was really aware of–and knew what they were. I was very young, probably 5 or 6, and I was playing out in the backyard at my grandmother’s house. I found a baby blue jay and guess what I did. I picked it up and took it in to show my granny, who rushed me right back out the door and made me put it back where I found it. The baby blue jay’s parents were not very happy with me and dive-bombed my head. :) That is seriously one of the earliest memories that I have. Anyway, instead of being terrified of them, which you’d think would happen when you get pecked on the noggin’ (and pretty brutally, too), I was fascinated with them and have remained so to this day. Besides, I think since *I* have to put up with hubby’s horrible snoring, that he can put up with my blue jays. :)

Tomorrow will be a day to get busy on this house. We are going to have to do a bit more grout work in the kitchen in a couple of problem areas, and then we can seal the grout finally. If anyone came to my house right now, I’d die. It’s a mess, with footprints tracking the whole house.

Today is also my little Lucy’s first birthday. I can’t believe she’s already a year old. I sure do love the little booger. Here’s a picture of her yesterday, standing up and looking at the cows:

Isn’t she absolutely adorable?! I love her SO much. She’s with Marshall and Cain right now and I feel weird not having her here beside me. I may be a little TOO attached.

I’m waiting on Kandi to come and pick me up. We are shooting a wedding for our friend Celia’s daughter, who is being married on a beautiful farm down near Rome. I’m looking forward to the shoot. It’s going to be a fun day. I need to get off here.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lucy!

  1. I wish Zero liked riding in the car cause I’d take him everywhere. He’s such a sweet nugget.

    I’ll have to tell my baby blue jay story soon and how Tams and E let one down…. It was sad and horrible to watch, but oddly entertaining.

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