My Hubby

I love my hubby SO very much. He has worked his butt off last night and today getting this tile put down. The kitchen (not the dining room, but the kitchen) has been the devil to work on because there are THREE layers of lineolium in there. I can’t believe the other layers weren’t ripped up before the owners prior to us layed the new layer. Nutty!

Anyway, watching him work makes me realize even more how much I love him. He’s such a hard worker, and he does everything perfectly, no messy work. I wish I could be more help to him, but as he and the kids often point out, I’m slower than Christmas. I don’t know WHY I’m so slow, but I am. I always have been. I eat slow, I work slow; the only thing I do fast is walk. My fat walrus butt can walk pretty fast.

Speaking of my fat walrus butt, I stepped on the scales at Tim and Jen’s last night and I weigh more than I ever have in my life. I’m so happy that Marshall and I have committed to working on our health and our weight. There’s no telling how much I weighed about three weeks ago. I don’t even want to think about it. Eeew. Anyway, still doing good on working to get this weight off.  I have over 100 lbs. to lose. :(

I just got threw typing an invoice for honey bunches, so now I’m going back in the kitchen to see if I can help him.  It’s beautiful outside.  The sun is bright and all the flowering bushes in my yard are full of flowers. :) I can’t wait to get finished in the house so I can go mow.

Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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2 thoughts on “My Hubby

  1. well I’m going to need to borrow your husband because I still have yet not gotten my hardwood floor down but we won’t go there and I’m really going to make your day and tell you that I have lost 50lbs so far and its not even time for my surgery(I’m patting my self on the back) oh and I need you to take a real good photo of me before surgery time so lets get together soon surgery is next month pray everything goes through and its appoved cause I have worked my butt off for the last 6 months

  2. He did such a wonderful job in our kitchen… I’ll always owe him for that. I say our because when it was done, it was an our. Now it is a mine. And I still love the kitchen.. although I wish I could move it to the back of the house.

    The house… no selling and moving now. That just hit me today. Really stuck here for awhile. But that will be okay. Think little kid bday parties.

    Weird the things I’m thinking about these days….

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