Bonus Post!

Aren’t you excited? This is my second post for the day.

The dining room is finished minus sealing the grout which we can’t do until 72 hours have passed. The kitchen…ugh. The kitchen isn’t square so the tile looks a little nutty but I told my honey not to worry about it. He could’ve cut a bunch of tiles to make it look square, but it’s not so bad that you really notice it unless you just stare. So when you come here, don’t stare at my floor or I’ll punch you.

I felt helpless today when I tried to help Marshall. I’m too much of a girly-girl to do such jobs, and believe me, I tried. Marshall gave up on me trying to grout because I was taking so long, so all I really helped do was the clean-up portion of the job. :( I was on my hands and knees for WAY longer than I cared to be. I don’t know how he does it. Seriously, my knees are killing me.

To punish me I guess, my honey gave me the longest invoice I’ve ever seen. I did it happily and without complaining. I may be bad at physical labor, but I’m not stupid. I’ll take a crap load of paperwork ANY day. :D When I finished cleaning the floors and doing the invoice I went outside and pushmowed the left side of the yard, which is a huge portion of the yard.

Let me share a little bit of WAY too much information with you:

You’ve all seen photos of me. I’m not lacking in the boob department. I wish I were, to the tune of a nice C cup, but alas, that’s not to be. I have a hard time finding a bra that a) works, and b) works “18 hours.” After about ooohh, 10 hours, my bra gives up and gravity takes it’s toll. So, smart girl that I am, I put powder in all the right places this morning after I showered so I wouldn’t be sweaty around the bottom of my bra. (Is anyone still reading this?) Now remember, I was mowing in 80+ degree weather during the heat of the day. When the bra gave out and gravity took over, the powder mixed with my sweat. Powder and sweat…yes, it made a nice paste.

It’s ok though, we ran out of grout so we just used that instead….isn’t it wonderful how things just work out?



Don’t tell me that none of you have ever thought about stuff like that before. I KNOW you have. :)

~Thursday 13~
Random Things

1. Did you know that if global warming continues at the rate it’s going, polar bears will be extinct by the year 2050? :( TWENTY-FIFTY! That’s not so far away.
2. I’m REALLY looking forward to summer and that’s rare for me.
3. I really hate that I’m not better at doing things with my hands. I know I must drive my hubby nuts when I should be able to do something as easy as spreading grout.
4. We just watched a scary movie that I wish I’d have never watched. It DID scare me but I don’t know why. It was “One Missed Call.” It made zero sense really, but still spooked me.
5. Last night I had a dream that as soon as I opened my front door a man was standing there waiting to come in and kill me and my family. I stabbed him. The dream scared me so bad it woke me up as if a lightning bolt had hit me.
6. My Lucy will be one this Saturday. We’re sending invitations for her party at Pet Smart. (Hee hee!)
7. We’ve been watching old westerns that star John Derek. Yowsa, he was a fine-looking man.
8. Do you remember Flo Jo? Did you know she died back in 1998? I didn’t.
9. Cain graduates in ONE month. :(
10. I’ve been craving watermelon like nobody’s business.
11. I want to go to the Smoky Mountains. Now. :)
12. Brooke started a blog but stinks at updating it.
13. I’m sleepy and I’m going to bed.

Good night. :)

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5 thoughts on “Bonus Post!

  1. That flat out cracked me up! By the way, Monistat makes a nice baby powder scented gel like substance that comes in a tube, it is so better than powder.

  2. I love it. I think I’m rubbing off on you… first you actually talk about sex and now it is boob sweat… ahhh… my work here is almost done.

  3. I agree with Jen. And we have to nail down the weekend we can all go to the beach…. I can start finding us a place seeing as how mostly I’m doing nothing but sleeping and laying around. Sigh…

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