There’s No Place Like Home

We got home about an hour ago and I’m so happy to be here.  I have SO much to do with this house and honestly, I can’t wait to get started.

There’s about a 20 degree difference in the weather. It’s much warmer here and it feels terrific. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 81 degrees and sunny.  I’ll be working out in my yard tomorrow, too.  I’ve got a lot of weeding to do and the grass needs to be mowed again.

I did take some “serious” photos of Cain and Ashley but I love these goofy, non-planned shots.  I can’t remember what they were doing here but they’re constantly silly with one another. :)

I’ve decided not to buy another laptop right now. Instead we’re going to use the money that I got back from Dell (FINALLY!) to do a couple of things to the house. Marshall said I could get a laptop in a few months and that’s fine with me. Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to go look at floor tile and I’m so excited. :)

Well, we’re off to bed. Have a good night.

Oh, and remember how I showed you my all-time favorite skits from MadTv the other day?  Well, this one (also by Stephnie Weir) had me, Brooke, and Cain all rolling:

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2 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. I can understand the decision to not buy a laptop right now. The market seems flooded, and it’s hard making a decision. So far, I’m still loving this one I bought, in spite of iffy reviews about it.

  2. Love those pictures of those kids! The one cool thing about candid camera shots, is they are always so much fun to look at later!
    Nice to be home?

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