Rain, Rain…

(Can’t get an internet connection so I’ll post when I can)

I took photos (while driving) of the hillsides in Virginia and Tennessee while my honey slept his sickness away. Tn. and Va. have huge hills that just roll and roll, and that new green grass? Well, it’s breathtaking. I love driving through.

It has rained all day and initially I planned on dropping Marshall off at work and then heading out to look at some of the countryside. Instead it rained so I hung out at the hotel. He felt better today and hasn’t started running a fever yet, thank goodness. Maybe he’s on the up and up.

I miss my Toukie Bear. I feel like I haven’t seen him in forever. He and Ash looked so beautiful on Saturday. I thought her prom dress was so pretty, and Cain’s tuxedo looked great on him.

Marshall took me to a very nice restaurant within a few steps of the hotel. I had a most delicious steak and a margarita (or three). We had a great time and talked and laughed. I’m so happy seeing him happy. Life is good.

Well, I’m off to watch Discovery. Night. :)

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