Sick Honey Bunches

My honey bunches of O’s is still sick.  It’s so odd. He feels fine when he wakes up and for most of the day, but come evening his fever goes back up and he feels awful.

We are back in Virginia for a couple of days. I hate that he has to work when he feels bad. Thankfully he only has a couple of small things to do so maybe he can get it done before he starts feeling bad again. When we get back home, I’m making sure he doesn’t move a muscle for a few days.

We are very tired. The drive is only 6.5 hours but it’s just a tiring drive, I don’t know why. It’s raining and we’re relaxing in our hotel room watching Expedition Alaska on Discovery.  So far, it’s wonderful. Sad though, to see what global warming and the climate change is doing to our planet.

(Lucy just fell off the bed).  Hee hee!  Nutball dog…

Speaking of Lucy, have a look-see at her and Marshall on the ride up here (and yes, I was taking a photo while driving):

Yes, they were both really asleep.  Lucy sleeps with her eyes open most times, it’s really creepy.

Well, I’m going to finish watching this show.  Have a good night. :)

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