Still Waiting

I am still waiting for Dell to put the money back into my account so I can order a new laptop. I hate waiting. I should’ve had a new computer that WORKED a month ago. :( They need to get a move on.

It didn’t frost last night! All of my blooms still look good. I’m so excited. I wish you could see the azalea bushes as a whole. They are so beautiful.

Marshall had to work for a little while this morning and then we are headed to Virginia for a few days while he finishes a job up there. I look forward to the drive up there. It’s a beautiful drive, albeit long.

Cain isn’t playing baseball anymore. My heart is absolutely broken over it. Marshall had a huge disagreement with the coach and pulled Cain from the team. I don’t really want to go into at all here, but I am certain that everyone (all the other parents and fans) will tell you that Marshall was in the right. Heck, lots of them have called and told us so. BUT, that being said, I feel like even though the coach isn’t a good coach at all (whatsoever), Cain still should’ve finished out the year: a) he’s a senior, he’ll never get to play again, and b) his teammates depended on him. :( So sad…

Is it wrong that I like to just stick the Puffs with VapoRub in both nostrils and just sit around and breathe in all that goodness? I think I’m ok as long as I don’t do it in public, right? :) You probably think I’m kidding, and that’s ok…

Here’s a pic of me and Brooke that she took last time we were home. I love it. :)

Man, we’re cute….

Well, I need to get busy. Have a great day. :)

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5 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. Well darned you two look mah-vah-lous. Sorry to hear about your Dell problems.
    Will Cain be able to play in college?
    I had a great day!
    Hope you did too.

  2. Okay, so the whole puffs with Vicks was a little TMI!!
    I love the pic of you and Brooke and I hate to hear that about Cain and Marshall and that Coach. Same coach you told me about before?

  3. Sorry about Cain & baseball, I know how you love to watch him play.
    As far as the Puffs thing, anyone that knows you IRL know you’re not kidding. ;o)

  4. My name is Debbie and I work with a team that assists customers online. I’m located at Dell Headquarters in Texas. I’m sorry to hear you are waiting for your credit from Dell to be processed. I am not sure if this issue has since been resolved but I would like to help any way I can. Please email me if you would like my assistance.


    Dell Customer Advocate

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