Jack Frost Stay Away!

I cut some of my lilac blooms and my house smells so wonderful. Jack Frost is supposed to hit tonight and I’m hoping that it doesn’t frost. :( I have so many azalea bushes blooming, as well as my lilac bush, and it hasn’t bloomed this much in years. There are lots more things blooming, too. I hope the frost stays AWAY.

We covered as much as we could with sheets. I don’t think it’s doing a bit of good because the wind is blowing so hard that it keeps blowing the sheets and garbage bags off of my bushes.

I gave up on Blogger and thanks to my buddy Eric, I’m back on WordPress. There are tons of people having the same problem that I was having, and Blogger doesn’t seem to be paying any attention to the MANY requests for updates. I sure hope this works for everyone. :) Thanks again, Eric!

The hotel maids found my shoes yesterday but had not taken them to the office so Marshall will be able to pick them up when they go back to Kentucky. I’m so happy about that. As I mentioned yesterday, I know they are just shoes but those Crocs are my favorites and I LOVE my Nike flip flops. They’ve lasted for two years now. :)

Busy day tomorrow. Good night. :)

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