Kentucky ROCKS!

Well, Blogger STILL isn’t working. I guess you all think I’m dead. I’m not. :)

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Cain. That slide was huge and he thoroughly enjoyed going down it. LOL  That face…that face is my little boy.  I see him as a three year old, not an 18 year old ready to embark on a new journey.

Kentucky is GORGEOUS. The town where Cain will be going to school is so beautiful. I can’t wait to come up here in the fall to see all of the trees.

This morning we ate breakfast and then went over to the college for their spring black and orange game. The new recruits (25 of them, I think) were introduced to the fans and to the football team. They forgot to call Cain’s name until after they had already called all the other guys and after the announcer said, “Let’s hear it for your 2008-09 Bulldog recruits.” Poor kid. The head coach yelled up to the announcer and they finally announced Cain and all his new teammates whooped and hollered. ;)

I’m not excited for him to leave our home, of course, but I am excited for Cain that he gets to start on this new chapter in his life. :) I feel better now that I’ve seen the school and knowing that it’s so close to home makes me happy, too. :)

After the game we drove to Pine Mtn., Kentucky and to the state park there. I took a few pictures with my little camera and will post them on flickr when I get a chance. Pine Mtn. seems to be a small old mining town. I can’t wait to get a chance to come back here and explore the area.

Tired.  Good night.

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