I’ll Bee Back

Hee hee! Get it?! “Bee back”? Yeah, ok….

(Obviously I’ve switched back to WordPress because Blogger sucks as does its so-called support staff)

Yesterday I saw my first butterfly of spring, a beautiful yellow swallowtail. Today I saw my first bee obviously AND I saw a ruby-throat hummingbird. Do I have my feeders out? No, I don’t. :( I need to get them cleaned up and out there.

Flickr is now letting people upload videos. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I prefer that it remain a photography site–which is why I joined a couple of years back. Lots of folks are up in arms about it. What do you other flickrites think about it?

Tomorrow we are headed to Kentucky. I’m looking forward to going. Cain’s new football team is having their spring game and I reckon he’ll get to meet his future teammates AND we’ll be treated to the game to boot. :) Fun, fun, fun!

I bought some Melatonin today and I’m going to give it another try. Eric said that it has helped get back into a normal sleep pattern so I hope it will do the same for me. Wish me luck. :)

Both of the Dell computers went back today so I’m laptopless (not topless, just laptopless) now. I have my ol’ faithful Dell in there but man alive, it’s so slow that it makes me want to pull my hair out. At least it still works though. I may just get a different kind of Dell. I KNOW they are good computers, but I’m also a bit scared to try them again. As I mentioned yesterday I’m also thinking about an HP, but someone commented on my flickr site and told me that he wouldn’t
recommend an HP. Any suggestions anyone?

Well, I’ve got a long day tomorrow. It’s supposed to storm pretty bad, too (yeah, right!). I hope it does, but I hope it does either way before or way after we drive to Ky.


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One thought on “I’ll Bee Back

  1. Hey sweetie! Trying to do some catching back up! I got disgusted with the Dell and reformatted it back to factory fresh. Still ran slow. I had also not been able to run my CS3 upgrade. Other problems. Just seemed buggy. I went out yesterday to Best Buy and bought an HP Pavillion Dv6000 on sale for $699! So far, I LOVE it!!! Installed my CS3, and it ran without a hitch! Also found the Western Digital 500 gb My Book for $119! I’m a happy camper!!!

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