Not A Good Computer Day

Cain wasn’t supposed to be in this shot but jumped in at the last second. :)

So today I was cleaning all the junk off of Brooke’s old computer and it has been a great computer. It was just old and slow but still a good computer. I did a “System Recovery” on it so that it would bring it back to factory configuration. I shut it down and moved it into Cain’s room so I could hook it up to the internet and install all the new updates. It won’t start. It won’t turn on at all. I am SO mad. I don’t know why this happened. I was going to put it in the upstairs room since Santa brought Brooke a new computer and use it up there in that room. What on EARTH would make it just stop working? Surely the power supply wouldn’t go out just because I ran System Recovery. I’m so aggravated.

Also, my MacBook is not showing that it’s charging. I turned it on for the first time today and it shows a 99% charge. I made sure the power cord was plugged up correctly and it never moved from 99%. So now I’ve got it unplugged and I’m going to see if it will show that it’s charging after it has been unplugged for a while. It better is all I can say. It has not been a good computer day, that’s for sure.

Brooke just left to go spend new year’s eve with her boyfriend down near Atlanta. Marshall and Cain are up at Marshall’s parents getting things ready for a hunting trip that they are going on this weekend. I won’t be going with them because as I mentioned, I’ll be following Brooke down to her house to make sure that her car has no problems. I’ll stay with her until Sunday and then head back home. Marshall will be leaving to go go Indiana in a week or two and I dread that. I’ll be glad when the Indiana job is over. It was supposed to have been completed a long time ago but issues with the plant always come up so they have to wait for the plant to take care of those things that come up.

Marshall’s mom got me some 450-thread count sheets for Christmas and I washed them and put them on our bed night before last. They feel like cottony heaven. I love them. :)

Maybe I should head back to bed now. I’m super-grumpy today. It’s that stupid computer’s fault. :( I can’t believe it just won’t even turn on.

Oh well….c’est la vie.

(edit: My Mac is charging correctly.)  :) 

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