Isn’t she adorable? :)

If you have igoogle they have a new “Holiday Village” theme up.  It’s cute as pie!

Marshall, Cain, and Cain’s buddy Jake left yesterday to spend the night in LaGrange (Ga.) because Marshall had a job down there. They worked all day today and got home just a little bit ago. They’re both exhausted and both are relaxing and watching football.

Brooke and Chad went and visited with Marshall’s parents today and had lunch in our hometown. I stayed home and finished wrapping my presents. Lucy didn’t feel good all day today (she’s better now), and like a sick baby, she wanted to stay in my lap all day, so I pretty much let her. She threw up twice and was very restless for most of the day. She feels better now and has been back to her normal self since Marshall got home. I think he gives her too many treats off of his plate so I told him not to do that anymore so we can see if her tummy settles. It rumbled and grumbled all day.

I have been taking a medication called Trazadone for several years for what the doctors now call Restless Leg Syndrome. I haven’t taken the medicine in about a month because it has stopped working. My legs are going bananas and it’s making me crazy (I had this problem way before there was a name for the problem). Usually it’s just at night when I’m trying to sleep, but now it’s creeping into my daytime hours and it’s such a STUPID thing to have, I think. I can’t keep them still and it’s painful. I drive Marshall insane at night because my legs are jerking all over. I just really don’t want to take medicine anymore for something like that. I’m going to look for another solution. Anyone else suffer from this?

I had to go outside and look at the moon tonight. It’s beautiful. It’s so bright that it’s lighting up my whole yard since it doesn’t have to compete against the leaves. :) It’s gorgeous. I took a little bit of time out on my back porch to reflect on things. My elderly neighbor called me and told me that she lost her husband last night at 11. His visitation is going to be Christmas night, beginning at 6:30. He is the neighbor that I’ve brought up a few times on here. I’m so sad that he passed away, especially right now. He was suffering though and she mentioned that she was glad he didn’t have to suffer anymore. She said she didn’t know what she was going to do without him. They’ve been married for over 50 years, and now, right here at Christmas, he is gone. It just breaks my heart for her. They are both the sweetest people. We have been blessed to have them as our neighbors for the past 8 years. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Christmas Eve–tomorrow! :) Good night. DON’T FORGET: Tomorrow you can start tracking Santa by CLICKING HERE.

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One thought on “TWO MORE DAYS!

  1. I have Restless Leg Syndrome too. I had it REALLY bad when I was pregnant. I took Neurontin for a while, which seemed to help a little, but made me a zombie. I couldn’t take anything when I was pregnant and after I had Max I never went back on the Neurontin. Sometime Benedryl seems to help. Merry Christmas!

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