Happy Winter Solstice! Now, Where’s The Snow?!

Here’s Cain with his Zebco reel he chose at the party the other night. Isn’t he a handsome fellow? I think so, too. ;) Of course, that isn’t his REAL smile. He’s totally cheesing it up for me.

I finished my shopping today. Yay! I only needed a few more things for the kids and a couple of more things for Marshall but now I’m all set. Luckily it wasn’t anything major–just stuff I could pick up at Wal-Mart and it wasn’t very crowded so that was nice. Well, actually it was very crowded but they had a lot of lines open and THAT was nice. It’s rare that they have so many lines open, even at Christmas.

Brooke and Chad went to see National Treasure 2 today and they both said it was really good. I liked National Treasure, but the second one isn’t anything I need to see on the big screen.

Cain went hunting today and didn’t kill anything and then when he got home, he and his father worked on getting me out of the bathroom. :) I was stuck in there for a very long time, well, about 10 minutes, but that’s a long time. I’ve been stuck in there before. For some reason our doorknobs keep breaking. I think the one Marshall got today was the third one we’ve had in less than a year. Anyway, thank gosh Marshall was home because I get a bit panicky when something like that happens.

We’re supposed to get some storms tonight. I would like to hear some thunder rumbling but I fo’sho don’t want the power going out. Yuck.

Have a good night.

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