Last night after we took Brooke out to eat for her 21st birthday we went to the mall to get a couple of things I needed for the kids for Christmas. (This is where you might want to get a barf bag–all this sweetness is going to make you sick.) Marshall grabbed me by the hand and literally pulled me in to the Build-A-Bear store. I got to build the bear in the photo above and I named him Huckleberry. :) He has a heartbeat and a recording of Marshall’s voice telling me that he loves me. He (the bear) will be with me in Marshall’s place when Marshall goes out of town. Now how sweet is that?! I KNOW!

When we got home I made Brooke her favorite cake: chocolate cake with vanilla icing) and she blew out her candles. I almost forgot to make the cake though–it was 9:30 before it was done. Brooke wasn’t feeling very well but posed for this shot anyway:

My cake frosting is messy but they dug into it and said it was really good. I believe she had a really good birthday.

Today Fed-Ex pulled up and delivered us a package from Brooke’s boyfriend:
It’s the cutest little metal sleigh filled with yummy goodies. :) He is the sweetest thing. He sent Brooke these flowers for her birthday:

I don’t know if you can tell or not, but the vine is shaped in a heart. Isn’t that so sweet? :) I told her I think he’s a real keeper. He’s so considerate of her and we adore him. He’s coming up Friday and will be here for the weekend. We can’t wait to see him.

It’s cloudy and rainy out today. Brooke and I have been working on cleaning the house. It’s going to look so pretty at Christmas, which we’re barely all holding out for. :) We all want to celebrate now, which would be nice if I were finished with my shopping. I’m going to finish tomorrow. I only need two or three more things.

Hope your day was a good one.

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3 thoughts on “Awww!

  1. Well, I think it’s really sweet!!! Our younger daughter took me to a Build-a-Bear several months ago, and treated the two of us to one. I had such a great time!

    Merry Christmas!

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