Struggle, Struggle


I haven’t had my  hormone shots in several months.  I’m trying to NOT take them because of all the things you hear about breast cancer. I don’t think I’m going to last much longer.  I have such horrible cold sweats and hot flashes that I really just can’t stand it anymore.  I bought myself some sort of estrogen pills at Wal-Mart and I can’t wait for them to kick in. I just can’t do it. This is gross, but I can take a shower and get myself out and dried off, clothes on, make up on, etc. and then 10 minutes later be literally soaking wet (yes, literally) with sweat. I hate it. I hope these pills work, otherwise I will be going back to get my shot.

Today was another day spent hanging out around the house.  We cleaned a little bit and Cain worked on the yard.  He mulched all of the leaves and the yard looks great. :) When Marshall got home we had supper and then watched 300.  I hadn’t really payed much attention to it the first time we watched it, but it’s pretty good.


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One thought on “Struggle, Struggle

  1. I love this shot! So warm and inviting. I like what I see of the picture above the mantle too.

    As for the hormone shot, also try drinking a couple of glasses of soy milk and eating yams. Lite or regular chocolate Silk soy is good. My picky hubby even likes it, although he gritted his teeth admitting it :D He didn’t want to say he liked it :D I have put it in the blender with some frozen strawberries or such frozen fruit and made a smoothie. When I was on hormones, I wanted to explore a vegetarian diet, and my doctor told me not to have much soy since I was on the hormones, which told me that soy would be a good thing to explore when I stopped taking hormones several years ago. The nurse practitioner in the office told me to eat more yams when she learned I wasn’t taking hormones. Thought I would pass it along for what it’s worth.

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