Old Pictures

This is a cake that my SIL made for our Christmas get-together. Isn’t it adorable?

I got up and took a long, hot shower this morning and it felt wonderful. My neck and back have been driving me batty so that made me feel much better. I spent the rest of the day pouring over old pictures, choosing ones for a project that I’m doing for my sister. I love going through them. I get lost in them and before I know it though, the day is almost done.

Brooke, Cain and I had lunch with my mother, one of my aunts, and my mom’s first cousin today. That was really enjoyable and I loved seeing them all. We ate at a local restaurant and it was delicious and inexpensive. I haven’t ate there in ages but I’ll certainly be going back.

Marshall had to go to Chattanooga to deliver and pick up some parts so Brooke and I tagged along. I’m sure he’ll never take the both of us together again. :) Well, mainly just Brooke really. After we were done we ate supper at Cracker Barrel. Yummy! We had a great time. I sure love my hubby. I’m so happy he’s mine. :)

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