Oh Well…


Today didn’t go exactly according to plan. It wasn’t a bad day but things I had planned didn’t work out. As a matter of fact, I didn’t get out of my pajamas all day. Brooke and Cain went to the mall to do their Christmas shopping but weren’t there for very long because Brooke wasn’t feeling well. I knew she was sick most of the night last night, but I guess I didn’t realize how bad she was feeling. We had initially planned to make this her day because Marshall won’t have another off day until Christmas day and Brooke’s birthday is Wednesday. Now we will just go out whatever time he gets home on Wednesday.

We had fun at our Christmas celebrations yesterday. When we chose gifts at the Christmas breakfast with the Penningtons I was VERY pleased with the gift I chose: it’s “The Complete Ball Workout With Pilates Principles.” I’ve been wanting an exercise ball so I was pleased as punch. Not everyone was there again this year, which makes me sad, but we still had a good gathering. Here’s a photo that Cain’s girlfriend made of us:

And yes, I brought Lucy with me. :) I see that my little cousin Annbri has taken after me. You’ll notice she’s sticking her tongue out which is what I’m doing in most of my childhood photos.

We came back home after that celebration and it rained for most of the day. We left for Marshall’s family’s celebration around 6 and we had a great time there, too. Marshall has a very large extended family and we had a ball watching everyone open their gifts. I got a good gift there, too. I came away with some yummy white chocolate lotion and pedicure set. Brooke got a sandwich maker, Cain got a Zebco fishing reel, and Marshall got a food chopper.

We’re having a Christmas Eve celebration at Marshall’s parents house with just his parents, and his three siblings and their families. I’ve already mentioned that but I’m really looking forward to it. My stepmother asked me yesterday if we wanted to come to their house the day after Christmas so we’ll be doing that, too. I’m so happy. :)

I made yummy sugar cookies tonight. I love them but only at this time of year. I mean, I’m sure I’d love them at ANY time of year, but for some reason, they’re just not as good if you don’t eat them around Christmas.

Did you know that Dan Fogelberg died? I sure hated to hear that. My mother was a HUGE fan of his. He was 56 and had been battling prostate cancer. I need to call my mom and asked her if she has heard the news.

It’s VERY cold outside.  The high today was only 39, I believe, and it was spitting snow this morning.  Marshall turned our furnace on for the first time this year. It feels so cozy here in the house.  The wind was awful last night and our power was out for several hours. Luckily we have gas heat so it didn’t go off.

Hope your week is a beautiful one!

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3 thoughts on “Oh Well…

  1. Oh I hope Brooke feels better for her birthday and Christmas!
    I am glad you had so much fun at your Christmases and SCORE on your gifts!!! Those are great ones!!! :)
    Well, the kids and I are off to Walmart to get a the ingredients that I need for the stuff I need to cook for our get togethers!
    Have a great day!

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