Not Cooperative!


Poor Lucy. She was not cooperating when Brooke and I were trying to get a holiday photo of her.  She’s wearing Brooke’s Build-A-Bear outfit and she wants her treat. She decided to get up and come after it. :)  We laughed until we were sick.

Speaking of sick, I’m on the up and up. Again. :)  I swear, I NEVER used to get colds like this. Even when everyone else in my house would be sick I’d be fine as frog’s hair. I talked to my aunt yesterday and she has been sick since Thanksgiving so maybe it was just a bad strain of a cold or something. Who knows?

Brooke and I went out this afternoon and bought the presents we need for our Shaggy Santa Christmas. You’re not allowed to spend over $10 per person so we were able to find everything we needed at the local drugstore. (o=  You may raise an eyebrow but we got some really cool gifts.  We’re excited.


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