I’m A Bum

She was on a chain but only because she was outside with me in the front yard. I love her SO much. :)

The UPS man got here at 4:15 today. I waited all day, sitting on my bottom and doing nothing. I did meet Kandi at the gym at 8:30 and we worked out for a while, but once I got home I was a blob. I either have yet another cold or I have allergies and that’s driving me batty.

Have y’all saw the commercial with Beyonce dancing while she’s talking about Direct Tv? That is THE stupidest commercial I have EVER seen. Ugh! It’s so cheesy. I cringe every time I see it.

Sad photo that my good friend Celia got of me consoling my son after his last game (I love the photo):

Brooke will be home tomorrow. Yay!

Oh, and Cain told me today that the baked ziti I made yesterday was the best supper that I’ve EVER cooked. I wasn’t really sure how to take that, but I guess I will be making it again. ;)

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3 thoughts on “I’m A Bum

  1. That picture of you and Cain is just precious!
    Moma and her baby… :D
    Well, that settles it, I will have to try this baked ziti then! :D
    Have a great day!!!
    Only 13 days till Christmas!!!
    WOOHOO!!! :D

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