Oh UPS, Wherefore Art Thou?


This morning I got up and got my shower and headed out to run a few errands. It all went down hill from there. ;) My day has not been an enjoyable one. It has not been the worst, but certainly not the best. And since I have nothing better to talk about, I’m going to tell you about my day. You’re going to be so proud. :)

The first place I went was to pick up some stuff for Marshall (which took a really long time) and then I headed for the bank. Apparently everyone in my small town had the same idea, because everybody and his brother was there. I stood in line for a bit to make my deposit, and then to make a deposit to hubby’s business account. I started getting the shakes because I hadn’t eaten before I left home. I then realized I couldn’t find his deposit slip so I had to leave the bank, drive back home, then back to the bank. In the process, I realized I left my favorite pen at the first place so I drove back to get it. It’s a $7 Dr. Grip pen that my boss at the newspaper got for me (and one each for my co-workers, too) and I’m a bit attached to it. I’ve had this pen for about …gosh, four or five years now, and I love it.

I got everything taken care of at the bank and then headed to Wal-Mart to get a few groceries. After I left there I went to the post office to mail off a photo that I was supposed to have mailed a month ago (shame on me, I know–I feel really bad about how long it took me to get it mailed). There was ONE person working behind the counter and about 10 people in line. I stood in line anyway, knowing that I wouldn’t go back today if I left. The lady behind the counter announced that it was lunch time and that’s why there was only person working. Nothing against the P.O. (one of my buddy’s works for them), but um, wouldn’t you think that most people would be coming to the P.O. on THEIR lunch break and maybe here at Christmas you should have someone filling in for the person who left for lunch? I mean, that makes perfect sense to me. Maybe it’s just me though…Ugh.

I have been a cranky, horrible witch all day (even threatened to rip Cain’s lips off his face and shove ’em up his rear if he didn’t watch his mouth). In my defense, he has been very disrespectful on occasion here lately and I’m FED up with it. It’s my fault though I guess. He’s always been spoiled rotten and I know it’s because of me. HOWEVER, I have taught him to be respectful and he seems to be having a hard time with that–but only with me and his father. Weird, huh? :( It really, really hurts my feelings but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Anyway, I was home by noon today and I’ve been waiting for the UPS man to bring a package for Marshall. It’s parts that he needs for a job and the UPS website says that at 10:50 a.m. it is on the truck and out for delivery. So where the soup is it? I know they didn’t come before I got home because my neighbor has been watching and there’s no way they could’ve made it from the city they leave from to my house in that amt. of time (before I got home). That means I’ll be sitting here tomorrow waiting for it too.  I can’t believe they didn’t deliver it today.

One good thing that DID turn out today was a new recipe I tried. I got it off of the slipcover for my Southern Living magazine. It’s baked ziti and it got a thumbs up from all of us. It made a TON of food so there’s plenty for leftovers. Here’s a couple of photos:
Out of the oven:

In my plate:

It was delicious.  I don’t even want to know how many calories and fat grams were in it. *sigh* The good thing is, is that it fills you up fast.  Half my plate went into a Tupperware dish for lunch tomorrow. Click HERE for the recipe (and it really is yummy!)

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2 thoughts on “Oh UPS, Wherefore Art Thou?

  1. I adore that picture!!!! And the ziti recipe sounds delicious. We like baked ziti and haven’t had it in a while. I had a bad day yesterday too…maybe there was a full moon?

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