What Fun!

What It’s All About :)

Marshall and I took off this morning to Alabama so that he could get some information about a job he’s doing. We made it as far as Fort Payne before a call changed our plans. We’re going to go in the morning instead, but our trip wasn’t a total waste. We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and stopped by K-Mart to get some long johns for Cain and Marshall for when they hunt. I made some homemade chili and when Cain got home he and Marshall headed off to the woods.

I had a special treat in the mail and I have to show y’all my adorable apron that I bought from my friend Chasity over at My Cup Runneth Over. Chas and I worked together several years ago and I absolutely adore her. Anyway, look at this beautiful apron she made for me:
I have it folded under but it’s nice and roomy and I love it. I’ve always wanted an apron and when I learned that Chas was making them, I had to buy one. I also bought one for my friend Chrisi who cooks more than any person I know. :) I wish I’d have taken a photo of hers, too, but she loves it. I was so happy that she liked it. :) Here’s a detailed shot of the material she used:
Isn’t it absolutely adorable?! I know! It is!

I made a homemade peach cobbler and bought some vanilla bean ice-cream to go with it. It was delicious. :) I didn’t eat a lot though because I’m trying to behave. We enjoyed it while we watched “National Lampoon’s A Christmas Vacation” and laughed as if we’d never seen it before. I love the movie. It cracks me up. I’ve always been a big fan of Chevy Chase way back from his SNL days. He’s very funny. :)

Have a great night. :)

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3 thoughts on “What Fun!

  1. Hooray!!!!
    I am soooo glad you liked it… after we chatted I KNEW which fabric I would use for yours! :)
    And I am happy to know that your friend liked hers as well, it was great fun to make them for you! :)
    Can you believe it was like 13 years ago that we worked together????
    ACK… that makes us old right???
    Love you my friend…enjoy your apron!

  2. Adorable Nativity and apron! We never do Christmas without Christmas Vacation! Hilarious, even after seeing it as often as we have. We also watch Funny Farm at Christmas, another of his movies that we love.

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