A Hunting We Will Go…


This morning after Kandi and I went to the gym, I went home, changed clothes and Marshall and I hopped in Cain’s 4WD and headed to the mountain to hunt. He hunts with a rifle, I hunt with a camera. :)

We were in the woods for three hours and we had a fantastic time hiking way back in there and then just sitting up against a tree and relaxing while we watched the woods. We didn’t see any deer (can’t say I wasn’t happy about that) but we did hear a lot of rustling around. The only shots I took were of hubby, leaning against a tree and listening, and just a couple more of other things.

Being in the woods seriously felt like meditation. It was quiet, minus the wind blowing like crazy, and so peaceful. I cleared my mind of a lot of things and felt so much better when we got out of there. I haven’t really been in the woods for a long amount of time since I was younger. When I lived at home (at my Dad’s house), I would take off in the woods all the time by myself. I didn’t have to go too far from the house because we were surrounded by woods, but just far enough away where they couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see the house. I loved watching the birds and squirrels flitter about, and today reminded me of how good that felt. :)

Everyone knows how I feel about killing anything so had Marshall actually got a chance to shoot a deer I don’t know how I would’ve felt about that. All of my family hunts, and so I guess it’s just something I’ve always accepted. We eat the meat, too, so it’s not like he would kill the deer and we’d just leave it there. The first time he ever took me hunting I made lots of noise. I was 17 and being a brat so that nothing would come by.  I’m lucky I got to come out of the woods myself. :)

We’ve just watched the movie “Mr. Brooks” and thought it was pretty good. I really don’t think Kevin Costner is that great of an actor, do you?  He’s pretty to look at but he almost sounds monotone in every roll.


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