This Time, For Real


Ok, ok, this time Marshall is REALLY on his way home.  He was supposed to have already been here but some things came up that he had to take care of before he could leave that job. He should be here within the hour.  I cannot WAIT to see him. :)

For the first time in my life my fingers are cracking open between each finger, nowhere else, just between my fingers.  I’ve tried just about every lotion there is. Any suggestions? It’s driving me bananas. I wonder if the dryness has to do with my addiction to lotions.  I never really used lotion before but for the past couple of years I use several different scents of Bath & Body Works. I love the stuff. I’m addicted to it. I wonder if it’s like what they say about chapstick: you use it and then you HAVE to have it. Anyway, I’m using Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Moisturizing Lotion For Extra-Dry Skin but it’s not working. (This is another installment of “Why is Rachel telling me this?”)

The UPS man stopped right in front of my house today and I got so excited because I knew I hadn’t ordered anything. I thought someone had sent us something. THEN he had the nerve to back up after a nice long pause in front of my  house. I hope my neighbors didn’t see me chasing him up the street with my broom.  This time of year especially that’s just cruel.

Later in the week our weather is going to get up to the mid-70’s. You can’t even imagine how mad that makes me. I want snow! I want a white Christmas! I’d settle for an inch.  It’s not fair. :(


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5 thoughts on “This Time, For Real

  1. My mom had a dermatologist tell her to use Keri for really dry skin. Have you tried it yet?
    The Fed X guy did us the same way yesterday here at work. He even came walking in here and ask us what our address was. His package was for 102, not 120! How Cruel was that?

  2. Oh no!
    That stinks… I get so stinkin excited when I see the UPS or Fed ex guy pull in… isn’t that funny??? :)
    Shannon (my hubby) used to work a job where his hands would crack open and bleed because they were so dry and the stuff he worked with would make them even more so, I got him some nighttime emollient from Mary Kay. It is this thick pink goo and it works wonders for dry skin. It was the ONLY thing that would help.
    Have a great day!

  3. ROFLMAO at the sight of you chasing the UPS truck down the street with your broom! That’s so funny, and it’s so funny because I doubt there’s a single person reading this that wouldn’t have done the same thing! We all get a little excited if the UPS truck stops in front of our house!

  4. hey I’m glad the ups man hasn’t stopped here because that would me I bought something I wasn’t suppose to I promise I’m not using a credit card this year*sigh* but anyways I’m almost done shopping I hope Hope me and you can get together soon for lunch give me a call.

  5. LOL try Bag Balm, or Udder Balm. It smells icky but works. I have other homemade cures too, but they are not so great. You are right, the lotions can dry you out.
    BUT, drink tons more water, and that should help.
    We are going to get clobbered again this weekend! 10″ and so far it is only the 6th!
    Where did that global warming go?

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