Baby Jesus from my favorite nativity. :)

I forgot to add Alaska to my places that I really want to go to. AND if I weren’t terrified of flying I’d also like to go to Finland. I just want to go to Finland for one thing: to visit Santa. :) I share this link all the time, but starting Saturday you can go HERE on Dec. 1 and see Santa live! Seriously, I’d love to go there. I bet the snow is beautiful. I bet the flight would take forever though. :(

So today Brooke locks the keys in the car by accident (again) and it really set my mood for the day. $75 for a locksmith. I know they can charge that much just for the simple fact that they CAN, but to me that seems like highway robbery. $30 would’ve been a good deal. He didn’t have to drive that far. I could’ve done a lot with $75 so I’ve been pretty aggravated all day.

In Alabama, someone skinned a beagle alive and the beagle had to be put down. People really, really, REALLY make me sick.

“Baby Grace” was tortured and killed because she didn’t say “please.”

I don’t know why I watch the news. I don’t know why I read the news.  I think I’m going to stop. Stuff like this bothers me to the point it makes me literally sick.

Does anything GOOD ever happen?

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2 thoughts on “November

  1. The good stuff is never printed!
    We don’t have television so we don’t watch the news, we don’t read newspapers, we only have the internet and sometimes we listen to the radio when we go places…
    I don’t like what they have to say most of the time when I do catch the news… so.. no big! :)
    I hope you have a GREAT day!

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