I am (yet again) battling a stupid toothache.  It has been hurting since yesterday and a few months ago when I had it worked on, I should’ve just had them pull it.  I mean, who needs molars anyway, right?  My problem is, is that because of one of the heart problems that I have (mitral valve prolapse) I have to take antibiotics for seven days before I can see a dentist. :( Weird, huh?  Anyway, this time I think I’ll ask them to pull it and get a partial or whatever those things are called. I hate the pain. It’s worse than childbirth because it won’t go away. And now it’s not just my tooth but the whole side of my head.  :(

Did you watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special?  I did.  I’ve watched it every single year all my life that I’m aware of. :) I love it and always look forward to it coming on. I want to see The Santa Clause 2 & 3 but they’re never in. :(

I’ve been a member of flickr since Jan. 3, 2005 and I was pretty addicted to sharing my photos on there.  Plus, as a result of my photos on flickr I sold three different photos for pretty good money. :) I lost interest a few months ago but the interest has started back up and I sure am enjoying pouring over everyone’s beautiful photos on there.  Do you have a flickr account?  If so, share your user name with me.

Have a good night. :)

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3 thoughts on “Antibiotics

  1. I am the queen of burning out on Flickr and then rekindling the interest. It is my observation that that is a common thing. I have to keep my group activity and number of contacts to a manageable number so that I don’t burn myself out and spend all my time there. The primary thing that Flickr does for me is to keep me disciplined to shoot regularly. I love photography, but I’ve learned that life has a way of taking over, keeping you from shooting.

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