Not Much Today

Messy Face, Cute Little Nose

I don’t have much to say today. It has been raining ALL day which is fine with us. Hubby has been preparing for an upcoming trip and I’ve been helping him get some paperwork done.

Cain’s friend Paden spent the night last night and they have been out four-wheeling today with their buddy Jake. Marshall and I opted to stay indoors and watch old westerns and Spider-Man 3 which I really enjoyed.  I also watched Shrek 3 a couple of nights ago and thought it was really cute.

I figured out what I’m getting the kids for Christmas and I couldn’t be happier!  Want to know what it is?  I’m not telling because Brooke reads my blog.  Bwaa haa haaaaaaa!



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2 thoughts on “Not Much Today

  1. That’s funny!
    Cameo reads mine sometimes too, so I don’t mention what I am getting her either! :)
    I have been under the weather for a few days and so I am up and at em again and overloaded with laundry, back to it for me….
    WE LOVED Spidey 3!!!!!
    Have a great day my friend!

  2. hey rach ok I have called and left you like 3million messages and you never answer the phone I’ve been worried about you send me a email or give me a call we need to go eat again soon we were suppose to make that a monthly thing maybe we will get it together soon

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