Whew, I’m Tired!

You’re catching a rare glimpse of an 18-year old teenage boy smiling, why, laughing even! I hid out for hours in my hall to get this shot. I was only able to do so when the “sarcasm gene” took over his mind and he forgot I had a camera in my hand. The subject is looking at me, but I apparently was sending out “Make fun of Mom” signals that only one’s own young can hear. I’d say all in all my wait was worth it, don’t you think? (You’ll notice Bumble from Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer in Cain’s hand. We were decorating the Christmas tree). :)

This morning I went to Chattanooga with Marshall to pick up some parts for an upcoming job. We had breakfast in Chickamauga and then went on our way. We passed a garage and I noticed a church bus they had in the parking lot. The side of the bus said, “Guided by God’s hands,” and then my eyes were drawn to the front of the bus: it has been wrecked. It wasn’t horribly damaged so I’m certain no one was hurt, otherwise that wouldn’t have been funny. But anyway, I couldn’t help but laugh, and I think God probably would, too. Why didn’t I stop and take a picture? Because I’m an idiot.

We came home and I ran to the store to get some suet for my birds. I also stopped by Goodwill because I haven’t been there in a while. I found the cutest little snowman trivet made by Hallmark:

and the cutest little candle (which I have tilted backwards to get the glare off of it):


My cost for both purchases? $2.76. :) I was very excited because I collect snowmen. These things are brand new, too. The trivet is a good size, too. It’s bigger than my hand. Just two more reasons to love Goodwill. :)

Also, I wanted to show you my candle holders I made thanks to a tip in Southern living magazine. I bought the bowls and candles at Dollar Tree and the Brazil nuts at Wal-Mart for $3 (and some odd change). You’ll have to excuse the horrible photography. I just ran in there and snapped all these shots in a hurry because I wanted to share them with you.


The bowls are just small fish bowls. I think it’s adorable. :) The bowl in the middle is a bowl my stepmom gave me and I just put some old Christmas balls in it. I love how my dining room looks. I’ll share some better pictures of it later.

I took a nap on the couch this afternoon, or at least I tried to. I had just ate and so of course I got choked and had to get up. I didn’t really mean to fall asleep but the Christmas lights blinking on the tree combined with the beautiful dark gray sky did me in. :) I got up and started working on pictures. We’ve been watching college football ALL day (Woo hoo, Auburn!) and it’s just been a perfect lazy day.

G’night. :)

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One thought on “Whew, I’m Tired!

  1. Boy you are ALL about Christmas! My shopping is done! Except for my youngest son = $$, and his daughter.
    As soon as I get out of my midterms and into my next week, the house is getting decorated.
    I am in the mood for Christmas.
    Been playing TSO music to study to. How nuts is that?

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