Pajamas Are the New Black

Self portrait.

So today I stayed in my soft fleece pajamas, minus about 20 minutes when I thought I might feel motivated if I put clothes on. I was wrong and the clothes came back off and the PJ’s went right back on. I’ve been a slug all day. I’ve washed my sheets and quilt, and a couple of other loads of clothes and that’s it. I am drained. I don’t know why. It’s not like I do anything that just wears me out. Actually, I do know why: I’m not sleeping again.  For the past few nights I wake up a little after 3 a.m. and can’t go back to sleep to save my life.  Grrr! Insomnia is the pits.

I’m battling some horrible neck pain and it’s about to make me batty.  I guess I’m going to end up going to the doctor but I sure don’t want to. I’ve inherited, from both of my late grandmothers, that wonderful “stress hump” right where my neck meets my shoulders, and even though I haven’t felt particularly stressed lately (well, not a whole lot anyway) my neck is doing its own little thing. It hurts, and it’s almost debilitating.  I didn’t know that stress could cause such knots as this, but my doctor filled me in.  Any ol’ way, I’ll get by, I’m sure. I’ll tell you what though, hubby has rubbed BioFreeze on me the past few nights and that stuff is amazing. One night it felt like he really rubbed fire on my back, but it was worth it. :)

Brooke left this morning to go to her boyfriend’s grandparents house for their Thanksgiving celebration. After that she is headed back to school. She’ll be back in two weeks though so I’m happy about that. Especially since she’s still using MY car! ;)

Marshall and Cain have gone to Alpharetta, Georgia, to watch Cain’s friend Paden in the play-offs for our region. It is SO cold outside that I declined to go. I enjoyed my evening at home alone up until a little bit ago and now I’m anxious for them to get home.  I’m pretty lonely. Plus, as you all know, I hate being home at night by myself. They’re on their way home though and I’ll be glad when they get here.

One more thing about Vista that I hate: I tried saving some wallpaper for Christmas to my Windows/Web/Wallpaper folder where they go. Vista told me that I didn’t have permission to do this and that I need to contact my administrator. I AM the administrator!  Also, it has lost my printer again and I’ve installed it seriously more times than I care to count.  :(  It really makes me sad, too. Otherwise, I bet this BRAND NEW computer (well, almost brand new) would be fantastic.  *grumble*

Oh, and I’m getting my wallpaper from American Greetings (  They have some precious, free wallpaper.  I think you just have to sign up, but that’s free, too. :)


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