She’s Hooooome!


It’s time for another installment of “Crazy Photos With Brooke & Rachel.” I think this one is my favorite to date. ;) Brooke suggested I put a “normal” photo of her on here so here you go:


I worked my rear off today in my yard. I pushmowed the whole front yard and then pushmowed it again to mulch some of the leaves. I raked and raked and raked and, with Cain using the leaf blower and then Brooke helping when she got home, we got all of one side of our yard nice and pretty. That lasted for about 10 minutes. The wind has been blowing and there are leaves everywhere, but just not as bad and it looks much better.

My neighbor taught me the fine trick of using a tarp to carry my leaves to the place that I dump them. I never would’ve thought to do that, which is sad since I’m a mountain girl and should know such things. However, my Dad is such a fanatic about his yard that he did all the yardwork. Anyway, I sure am thankful that my neighbor showed me that because it’s tremendously helpful. He has had a series of strokes in the past year so he’s now confined to bed. It sure makes me sad to think about it because he was so active and loved to do his yardwork. I think about him each time I’m out there working. Anyway, we’re blessed to have such wonderful neighbors; I’m so thankful for them.

Marshall called me right as we were finishing up today and told us to get ready, that he wanted us to ride to Chattanooga with him so Brooke and I scrambled to shower and get ready before he got home. Cain had left to work at a chicken house with some of his buddies (hard work, fast money) so the three of us took off. Brooke and I walked around the mall looking at everything (just looking, no buying) while Marshall met with his business pal and then we went to eat at Chili’s. The food was good–the service? Not so much.

I have so much work to do tomorrow it’s not even funny. We’re putting the tree up (had to wait for Brooke to get home–that’s the tradition) and getting out all of the Christmas decorations. I can’t wait, but it’s hard work to get everything ready. I’m excited though. :)

Have a good night.

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