Fun Stuff & Sad Stuff


One of my favorite bloggers, Monica from The Homespun Heart, held a “Cozy” swap that you could participate in if you signed up in time. Of course I signed up and I’m so glad that I did. :) This is what my cozy partner sent to me. How cute is all of that stuff?! Once I hear from her that she has received the package I sent to her, I’ll show you a picture of that. :)

Last night, while looking at a news feed about Hayden Panettierre and her quest to save the dolphins from Japanese fisherman, I saw a brief bit of footage of a dog being skinned alive, then lying there –no skin at all– blinking and slowly breathing. I was so disturbed by it that it made me literally sick. I know it’s wrong of me to think so probably, but for the most part, the human race as a whole absolutely DISGUSTS me. I prayed on it because I really just feel hatred for human “nature.”

Can you imagine how much that dog suffered? I immediately closed the video. I was instantly sick and heartbroken. I think the video was from China, I don’t even know. There was a flash of words that said something about Chinese people thinking that an animal tastes better if it’s tortured first. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I can’t get that image out of my head. I’m just sick. Poor, poor dog. I really just don’t like people much right now. :( How we manage to survive without being struck down is totally beyond me. We are so selfish and greedy that we don’t care about anything else but ourselves. And obviously, I know we’re not all bad, but as a whole, collectively….ugh, I just don’t know. :( I’m so sad.  I’m praying for us, that’s for sure!

Ok, back to happy thoughts…

Today is my nephew’s birthday. He’s having a party tomorrow and I can’t wait to see the little booger.  He’s six. I don’t get to spend a lot of time with him now that he’s in school. It makes me sad.

Want to see my family dance in our elf costumes? Of course you do! Just click on the picture below. The video is about 40 seconds long:


I don’t know what y’all think, but my hubby makes one cute elf, huh? :) Wait until you see his moves!

What was your first “real” job? I was a tour guide through the cave at Sequoyah Caverns (my Daddy was the manager there so I was there every day anyway).

Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity? I like going to the Chickamauga Battlefield because I always find something there to photograph. It’s very peaceful and I enjoy my time there.

Complete this sentence: I am embarrassed when…people pay me a compliment.

Main Course
What values did your parents instill in you? My mother instilled cleanliness. She’s a clean freak. My house is usually always clean, but unfortunately I inherited my grandmother’s packratitis so they counteract. LOL My father instilled a love and appreciation for nature, history, and our ancestry. It’s mostly his fault I am the way I am. ;)

Name 3 fads from your teenage years. I can show you three fads by sharing one picture of myself from 1985. LOL:


1) Mullets
2) Blue Eyeshadow
3) T-shirts with large prints. The one I’m wearing was very popular (I still have that shirt) and then a slogan from Wham! that said “Choose Life.” :)

Have a beautiful weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Fun Stuff & Sad Stuff

  1. Hey girl! I’ve been such a bad blogging buddy…far too long between visits here :(

    I was thinking about what you said about your mother instilling the the “cleanliness” in you and how my own mother keeps her house absolutely spotless. How come I didn’t get that “cleanliness” gene, too???? lol!

    Your Cozy Swap items are so cute! Love that Santa…is it an ornament?

    I sure hope you have a good weekend, Rachel!

  2. eeewwwwhhh about the dog. That makes me really sad. Good to see you guys tonight.

    I had both of those t-shirts too, and the mullet, but not the blue eyeshadow.

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