First of All…


Axl couldn’t seem to get close enough to my camera.

First of all, I can’t believe that I forgot to tell y’all what happened yesterday. Cain went out yesterday morning to start his truck to let it warm up and he spotted an opossum snoozing away in the hostas beside my steps. We talked loudly around it, I took several pictures and it just snoozed and snoozed. Here it is:


Now I’m sure this is the same big guy that has been coming to our house forever and stealing the cat food. I have moved that stuff all over the place but he always finds it. Anyway, Marshall moved the leaf out of his face to get him to go along his way because he knew if the cats spotted it, it would not be good for the cats. :) When he moved the leaf he saw blood on it’s mouth. It had apparently been hit by a car. :( We got our crate and crated him and Marshall took him to the zoo to see if they could help him. They, in turn, took him to the ER vet in Chattanooga and they had to put him down. He had massive internal injuries and was suffocating. :(…… It broke my heart. He has been coming here for years. At least he’s not suffering anymore.

Yesterday I bought Celine Dion’s new CD, “Taking Chances,” and I don’t care who knows it. ;) I’m just listening to it now, and it’s really good. There’s one song on here where she sounds like she’s trying to sing like Janis Joplin. Yeah, she shouldn’t do that. No one should, really. I love Celine though. Yes I do! Her Christmas album is especially beautiful. I know I’ve talked about this before, but my favorite Christmas carol is “O Holy Night.” You must, must, MUST listen to her sing it, even if you don’t like her. It’s amazing. Here, I found this on YouTube. WATCH IT!

See? I’m already crying. Isn’t it beautiful? You’re welcome! What a song, huh?

I still haven’t started my Christmas shopping. I can’t wait to start. I have a list of things I’m going to get for everyone EXCEPT for my children. I still have no clue what to get them. It’s harder to buy for grown children, isn’t it?

Lucy is much better today. She’s even got a little bit of her normal spunk back. :) I’m so happy. She’s the sweetest.

Last night our storms were pretty rough. I opened my blinds when I went to bed so I could watch the lightning. I also got to watch a transformer pop like crazy on the street behind us. It looked like someone was shooting fireworks. I called 911 because it started burning and then we watched as the electric company came and fixed the transformer. In the lightning. Bunch of crazies!

~~Thursday 13~~

1. My baby will be 18 on Saturday and I still don’t know what we’re going to do to celebrate.
2. Brooke will be home on Tuesday! Yay, I can’t wait!
3. Brooke will be leaving on that Friday to go have Thanksgiving with her boyfriend’s parents. :(
4. Brooke coaches her first game this Saturday. I SO wish I could go, but I can’t. :(
5. I want more birdfeeders for my backyard. Everyone who sees my hubby should mention that birdfeeders would make a great Christmas gift.
6. I have 414 Christmas songs on itunes. (o=
7. I haven’t taken too many photos of the changes fall has brought and I’m really sad about that.
8. I love answering emails but not the phone. :)
9. I haven’t bought anything for my Thanksgiving dinner next week!
10. I wish the wind wasn’t blowing so hard so I could go rake. I love to rake.
11. I want a sugar maple in my yard. There’s something else to mention to my hubby.
12. I spent $3 on a bag of Brazil nuts just to put them in a vase with a candle. It’s really pretty though. :)
13. I wish all of my blogger buddies would update every single day. (o=

~~Thankful Thursday~~
I know that you all know that I’m nuts about my dog, but I do want to give thanks for her. She has been such a blessing in my life. She’s wonderful company and she absolutely makes me happier. :) Even when she does think my fingers are her own personal chew toys.

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2 thoughts on “First of All…

  1. Alright… I admit it.. :) I LOVE to hear her sing!!!!!!!! :D I said it ok??? :)
    That was really beautiful!!!!!
    That is my favorite Christmas song of ALL time!!!!!!
    I might have to download that one to itunes for myself! Yippee! :)
    Have a great day my friend!

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