Bring On The Rain!


I picked up my little sweet angel from the vet’s this morning and she is just all kinds of pitiful. She’s doing just fine, but very sleepy and sore, as can be expected, of course. I love her SO much. I’m glad she made it through that without a hitch (and just a stitch!) Hee hee! I crack me up. Just kidding. I’m a nutter tonight because –guess what– I had NO sleep last night!

Our governor prayed for rain and it looks like his prayers (and everyone else’s in Georgia) have been answered.  It’s pouring down right now. :)  We need it SO very much. I hope it rains all night. But, seems as though it has been taken a little further than what the governor might’ve wanted: there are tornadoes in the area. Right now they have been spotted in Chattanooga. I hope my buddies, Shirl and Deb are doing ok. They are up towards Nashville and that’s where the storms came from. We’re keeping an eye on the television and thankfully we have a basement to hide in just in case it gets worse.

I reckon that’s about all I have to say tonight. G’night.

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One thought on “Bring On The Rain!

  1. Rachel, thanks for stopping by! I heard on the news that the Governor of GA prayed for rain! That is incredible.
    I take it your sweet little angel got ‘fixed’ at the vet’s? She’ll soon be up and running around like normal!

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