So Proud of Me!


I took this shot from my back porch yesterday.  I love the color in my yard, but I’ve asked for a sugar maple.  As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing prettier than the orange leaves that they produce. It almost looks like the tree is producing its own sunlight.  Hmmm…maybe I should Kaboodle it.  Or, maybe not.  I printed off my Kaboodle last year and put it DIRECTLY in the hands of my hubby.  Know what I got off that list?  Not ONE thing! (And I REALLY want those Warner Bros. DVD’s and I ain’t even playin’!)

So I took my Lucy Goose to the vet this morning and she went through her surgery just fine. They wouldn’t let me bring her home. For some reason they have to stay overnight, even though there’s no one there.  Weird, huh? Of course, he IS the vet so I’m positive he knows what he’s doing.  Does that stop me from worrying? No, it does not.  I keep thinking, “What if she chews her stitches out and bleeds to death?” “What if she has bandages and chews them and chokes on them?”  I don’t know why I worry like I do, but I do.  About everything. Brooke and Cain say I remind them of Meryl Streep’s character in “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Hee hee!  Yes, but they aren’t playing.

I accomplished everything today that I set out to do. I’m so proud of me for not putting anything off.  I went to the bank, then took Lucy to the vet, went to the library, did some grocery shopping, I even drove to a particular spot I’ve been wanting to go to take a few fall photos.  I got home and then headed off with Marshall. We watched Cain practice (they have a play-off game on Friday–even though we lost all of our region games, we still go to the play-offs because we only have four teams in our region), and then had supper with Cain and his girlfriend Ashley. We just got home a little bit ago and I’m about to hit the hay.

Hope your day was a beautiful one. :)

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