Right Now


My precious baby with Steve, a family friend and someone Cain absolutely adores, Friday after the game. I didn’t realize Cain still had tears running down his face. It was such a rough night (but he’s much better now). I know I mentioned it, but it REALLY had not hit him that it was over until the game was over and the team got in their prayer circle. It hit him harder than he or I thought it would. Plus the fact that we lost probably didn’t help a whole lot. Luckily the team that we played had several of Cain’s good friends, including his best friend, Paden, so there were lots of hugs after the game.

Cain had an interception in the game and several tackles but he was shut down on offense. Here’s part of an interview with a player from the opposing team, and a bit of an excerpt from an article by Scott Herpst, sports editor for the Walker County Messenger:


“We played hard all week,” Afman said. “We knew (Cain Smith) was their best athlete and we knew if we could stop him, we could stop their offense.”

Mission accomplished.

Smith, one of the top athletes in all of Region 6-A and a college prospect at safety, was shut down to tune of minus-4 yards on six carries while catching two passes for minus-3 yards.

Not that the rest of Smith’s teammates fared any better.”

Right now, as I sit here typing this, someone that lives on my street is watching their house burn to the ground. It’s breaking my heart. Marshall rode up the street to see if we could help but you can’t get through because of the policemen. He said that the house is fully engulfed. I’m so sad about it. I have no clue who they are, but I imagine they lost everything. I will go up tomorrow and see if there is anything at all I can do for them.

When we left our hotel this morning we stopped and ate breakfast and headed to the beach. Oh, but not before we went to the hotel lobby, and let me tell you what happened there. I got a little plate to get Cain and I a couple of those little mini-muffins. The muffins–about 80 of them–were on a serving tray that you have to pull out. I pulled it out and dropped 80-percent of the muffins on the ground. :( I could’ve died! I picked them all up and got some OJ and left. (o:

We stayed on the beach for less than 3 minutes. It was cold, we were tired, and we decided we’d check it out some other time. You know how much I love the beach, so you should realize how cold it really was by the fact that I was ready to go. :)

We got home about 6:30 and now I’m resting with a nice warm blanket on the couch. I’ve been listening to Christmas music and now we’re watching a movie. I’d tell you what it is, but I’m to embarrassed to admit it. :) It stars a WWE star and that’s all I’m going to say.

Here’s a photo that my friend Celia took of us on senior night. I thought I was masking my sadness really well, but apparently not:



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4 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. I don’t think any of you masked it very well, but that is okay. You want to look back and remember it the way it was. I’m sorry I didn’t make it, I had a stomach fluke going on all week-end. Tell Cain I still think he is kind of a big deal and I’m sure he played great.

  2. Sweet, sweet story! I had to blink away a tear myself thinking back to our last one’s senior year. She was in the band, so I can relate to the last game.

    As for dropping the muffins, I had a somewhat similar experience while having dinner on the General Jackson in Nashville. I blogged about it too.

    Good to catch your posts this morning. I had missed them!

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