Coastal Carolina, Here We Come!


So we got up this morning at 5:30 –well, I did anyway– and got ready to head to Coastal. I woke the guys up by 6:15 and we headed on our way. It took us about 8 hours to get here, but we stopped three times along the way.

We loved the campus, loved the stadium, and really liked the one coach that we talked the most with (I’m sure we would’ve liked all of them but we really only had a chance to talk to one of them). We’re going to try and get the ball rolling and see if they will pursue him. :) I have no clue how all of this works though. Thank goodness Cain’s high school coaches are so good at taking care of everything. It’s a little further from home than I’d like him to be, but we all really, really liked the campus. It’s very nice, very security-oriented, and everything is right there together. He wouldn’t have to drive all over creation to get from one place to another. Y’all keep your fingers crossed for him.

That photo above is about one of three that I took tonight. We were frozen. Too bad my arms aren’t long enough to get us all three in the picture. :)

We just got in from eating at Phillip’s Seafood and as you know, I don’t like seafood so I had to get a steak. I got the only steak they offered: a filet mignon. I had it butterflied and it practically melted in my mouth. It was so delicious. I never get filet mignon unless it’s the only steak offered, like tonight, but goodness what I’ve been missing! We really enjoyed ourselves. I even took the two little bites of my steak that was left to my Lucy Goose and she sure enjoyed it, too.

We’re going to stop by the ocean tomorrow. That’s another plus about the school: it’s 10 minutes (15 with bad traffic) from the beach. :) So I’ll have both children near the beach, that stinks, huh? ;)

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