Just One More…


One has to make sure his hair looks good before the helmet goes on at practice. ;)

Today we straightened the house –well, when I say “we” I mean “me”–and got ready for the boys to come up tonight. First they had a “black out” pep rally which was just fantastic. The cheerleaders and the band do an excellent job. :) After the pep rally we rushed back home to make sure that all of their food was ready. The boys enjoyed ribs, potato salad, and salad. It wasn’t much, but they sure stuffed themselves. :)

Marshall got picked for jury duty and has to report on Dec. 3. I sure hope he’s able to get out of it because he’ll more than likely be in Virginia working on a job there. In all my years of being voting age (almost 19 now), I’ve waited and waited to be picked for jury duty and I never have. :( I don’t know why I think I’d enjoy it so much, but it just seems like it would be fun. :)

I haven’t been resting very well lately. Last night we watched 1408 which probably didn’t help matters any. I didn’t have nightmares per se, but I had some very odd dreams. Dreams where bad things are happening, but there are no scary monsters or anything like that. Anyway, for the past few nights I’ve tossed and turned, and I sure would like a full night’s rest at some point. :)

Here are Marshall and I with some of our guys. Three of them were missing tonight, but we still had a good time and we’re sure going to miss them coming every Thursday. I look tired because I AM tired.


The last home game is tomorrow. I’ve been crying on and off all day, but I think I’ll be ok. It’s senior night, too, so I’ll have to try and hold it together for that. Wish me luck…

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4 thoughts on “Just One More…

  1. What a happy bunch! Senior year is so great. ITA about jury duty – I got called once but didn’t get on :(

    Someone told me that 1408 wasn’t scary at all, like LESS scary than Blair Witch Project.

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