So Weird…


Remember the other day when I said I would be going back to Blogger after the end of the year? I mentioned that WordPress only gives you so much space and then you have to pay, and I was at 64% or something like that. Well, now I’m at 50%. I’m not sure how that happened. Weird, huh?

Cain got his Selective Service card in the mail (he’ll be 18 next Saturday) and I just about passed out. In the past, he’s said that if doesn’t get to play football anywhere that he wants to join the Marines or the Army. He’s even said after he gets done with football that he’d want to join. *sigh* I’d be proud of him but I’d be a nervous wreck all the time. I still see my fat-faced baby, holding his “Bear Bear” and sucking his pacifier. :( Have you ever seen anything cuter:



Tried to go shooting today, but it didn’t work out. :(  Hopefully before all the leaves are goine I will be successful!

We’re going to go watch Cain practice for the next-to-last-time. :(  Have I mentioned that my heart is breaking?


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