Strange Times


This is one of my placemats. Isn’t it adorable? :)  I love this time of year!

The setting back of the clocks had me all confused for most of the day. I tried to adhere to the new time with my eating but of course it always takes a while to adjust to that. I did enjoy my day though.  I made homemade chili for Marshall & Cain, and also baked a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Cain asked for one and of course I obliged.  :)

I had a single pink rose blooming and I cut it and brought it in, after taking a few pictures of course. It’s so beautiful. I hope the bloom lasts a while.

Marshall’s mom and brother, Rodney, came down for a brief visit.  Rodney looked much better than I expected him to. He has been battling some ills but hopefully he’s on the up and up.

The high for Tuesday is only supposed to be 56. I’m so excited about that. I’m ready for cold weather and I’m ready to start Christmas shopping, too. Have any of you started yet? I haven’t, but I can’t wait. :)

Have a beautiful week!

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3 thoughts on “Strange Times

  1. Hey Rachel!!!
    That placemat is TOOOO cute!!!
    Yes, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at my house and I LOVE it!
    I am excited about the cooler weather finally finding our way here too!!! :)
    I enjoy having a way to chat with you through your blog!
    You can come and visit mine when you get a chance…


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