Spooks & Goblins


Seriously, could he be any more handsome? I guess it’s because he looks so much like I looked when I was a (skinny) teenager. ;)

This morning I got up and started cleaning like a mad woman. We have hardwood floors in the living rom and hall, and linoleum (for right now) in the dining room and kitchen. They get so dirty! I have swept and mopped all rooms twice, and when I get finished here I’m off to dust. I’ve also swept the porches, washed, dried, and folded clothes, and gave Miss Stinkpot, AKA, Lucy, a bath. I don’t know where this energy has came from, but I hope it lasts!

For some reason I didn’t put all my Halloween decorations out this year. I feel bad for my decorations when I don’t get them out. Yes, I feel sorry for inanimate objects; what can I say? Now they’ll have to wait until next year. Poor little spooks and goblins.

Now that Halloween is almost over, I’m ready to decorate for Christmas. Yes I am! Only 18 more days until put them all out. :) I can’t wait. I’ve always put my decorations for Christmas out the weekend before Thanksgiving. Well, not always, but the tradition started when my grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease, started coming to our house for Thanksgiving. If you’re a long-time reader of my blog, you know that I would put the tree up so she could see all of the ornaments that she gave to me throughout the years. Now that she’s gone, it’s something I’ll continue to do, mainly because I love Christmas SO much, and also because a part of me believes she’ll still be here in spirit, enjoying all of those ornaments. Anyway, yay! :)

I wonder if we’ll have trick-or-treaters this year. One thing I’m missing this Halloween is being at work with the girls and handing out Halloween candy to all of the trick-or-treaters that came to the town’s “Scare on the Square.” I always loved staying after work and doing that. I think this is my first year home. At any rate, I bought candy just in case. And if there are no trick-or-treaters, it’s all candy that I like.  Hee hee! ;) No, I’m sure the football boys will dig in to it when they get here on Thursday.

Our night time temps have been in the 30’s. Last night I actually remembered to cover up the one flower I have blooming out in the yard: a purple mum. I planted them this year and I’ve been waiting for weeks for them to bloom, and now you can just see their little petals opening. I can’t believe I remembered to save them. I don’t remember much else. :o)

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