Cain received his graduation packet today so that we can order his announcements and cap and gown. I can’t believe that in just seven months my baby will be graduating from high school. Then a couple of months after that, or maybe sooner since he’ll hopefully be playing football somewhere, he’ll be gone off to college. I’m trying to prepare myself, something I didn’t really do when Brooke left. I’m trying, but it’s going to be so hard. Cain is a mama’s boy (the good kind though) ;) and I don’t know what I’m going to do without him. I wonder if I could be his dorm mate?

It has rained on and off today, mostly off. I let the dogs out to romp around for a while and cleaned off my back porch. I can’t wait until Marshall gets home tomorrow so we can enjoy it together. :)

Today was a good day. I hope yours was, too. I listened to Christmas music (again) and read a couple of books that I’ve been trying to catch up on. Well, not so much books as catalogs, but still…  ;)


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3 thoughts on “Already?

  1. I am glad that Marshall is coming back, I know that you have been going nuts without him. You talking to me about him helped me get through Eric being gone. You are a great friend and we are lucky to have you. I know its gonna be hard on you when Cain graduates but with you friends for support you will get through it!! We are always here for you!!

  2. Oh man! I can’t believe he is already graduating. Are we getting old or what? He is still kind of a big deal you know? Did he decide where he is going for sure yet?

  3. I love this picture!!! Now you’re making me want to listen to Christmas music :) Our younger daughter and I used to sit down together to watch White Christmas right before the season started. I miss that.

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