A Bit of A Bust


Today my pal Kandi and I went to the Georgia Apple Festival in Ellijay, Georgia and we both were a bit disappointed. There were a FEW cute things but everything was WAY overpriced (including the food). I appreciate crafts that are homemade and I understand that they’re going to be a bit more in price, but for the most part, things there were just SO very expensive. I did, however, come away with a frog like the one Cain bought me a couple of years back. It’s larger and I’ll take a photo of them later. I want to try and collect a piece each time I find this craftsman. I just love them. :)

After the festival we went down a couple of old roads and took a few shots, but not too many. The day was just a bit of a bust. Hopefully we can go have a fun shoot later in the week.

Marshall hasn’t been home in several days and I miss him very much. Luckily he’s headed home in the next couple of days. I hate so much when he’s gone. :( I’ve slept a little better this time around, but not much. I can’t wait for him to get here! Yay! :)

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