Fall In the Air


Kandi came to my house this morning and picked me up around 8 and we headed out on a day of photo shooting. We’ve been planning this day for a whole year and it was fantastic. The weather was beautiful and we found a lot of new, wonderful places and headed back down to Rising Fawn, Georgia, for our yearly trip there. There’s a cemetery that we visit that has the most beautiful view, and some lovely old headstones. I never tire of going there. She was kind enough to let me take my angel dumplin along, and even though she had a nice, long bath yesterday, and even though I brushed her forever last night, she decided to roll around in all the leaves we found. I’m sure Kandi will be getting them out of her car for months to come…

I know I promised to talk about the fall festival this past weekend. I’m just not sure what to say about it. It was a success as far as I’m concerned. I made a little over $500 (which, coincidentally was almost the exact cost of the repairs on Tasha Brooke’s car) and people REALLY, genuinely seemed to like my photos. My prices ranged from $4 to  $60, and I sold several, several different things. I’d say 90% of the people that stopped by my booth stayed for several minutes and poured through everything on the table. I was flattered beyond belief. My old work buddies came, as did my wonderful mother-in-law and father-in-law, some of the folks that know me from their child or grandchild playing football with Cain, and some friends I’d met through other friends. It was just a terrific experience and I can’t wait until next year.

My brother-in-law is in the hospital and is having a rough-go. I sure would appreciate prayers for him. He has had a rough few years and I sure hate to see him get sick again.

We’re supposed to get rain tonight and tomorrow. Y’all keep your fingers crossed for us. We need the rain something fierce…

Have a great day tomorrow!

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One thought on “Fall In the Air

  1. I nearly spit coffee when I saw this adorable pic! Hilarious! She is so cute! And now you’re a pro, Sweetie!!! Of course, we already knew your pics were professional. Congrats!

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