Why Is It?


I noticed today that Lucy (my Shih Tzu for those of you not in the know) seems to decide that she has to go potty as soon as I’ve sat down to eat my breakfast/lunch/supper. It doesn’t matter if I’ve just taken her out. She starts scratching at the door and sure enough, I take her out and she goes. Why is that? I’d blame it on the smell of my cooking but since I don’t cook Cheerios or PB&J, it can’t be that. :)

I wasn’t much count today. I don’t know why.  Kandi came over and we tried to work on our new venture but I was just….blah. I couldn’t have cared less about working on it. I think I was just so exhausted after the show and I really haven’t had time to slow down since it’s over. I’m hoping that tomorrow I’ll be good to go. :)

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One thought on “Why Is It?

  1. No idea about your blahs, but I find that when I’ve been on an emotional high and the event passes, I crash. You have been on a high getting ready for the show. Maybe that’s it, and it will soon pass. I don’t know. Just take care, Sweetie. The time of year for allergies and stuff too.

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