Doing Well


I had the best day today! I had this gorgeous beauty beside me all day and it SURE is a pleasure to have her home with me. :)

The show went really well today. I sold several pieces and so many people came through and told me how much they loved my photos. Several people gushed and gushed and I was thrilled. :) I just can’t believe (no, seriously!) how much people really like the pictures. It makes me want to go out RIGHT NOW and shoot more. Ok, well maybe not RIGHT now because I’m exhausted. And I mean EXHAUSTED.

Several of my buddies came out to see me today. First were Celia, Craig, and their son Jared; then my BFF Kandi, then another BFF, Chrisi, & Tim, Jen, & beautiful baby boy Max. Chrisi and Kandi stayed with me all day and I sure was happy to have them there.  It was a great day. :) I shared the booth with my grandfather, who sells his wood-carved toys, birdhouses, wind chimes, and popguns; and my cousin Tiffany who sells wind chimes and paintings. We all enjoyed getting to spend time with one another.

The show was over at 6 and Brooke and I rushed home and changed then we all (she and I, Marshall & Cain) all headed to Olive Garden for supper. It was so good. I was starving. We headed home and now I’m headed to bed. I’ve NEVER been so tired in my life.

Have a good night!

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