New Ventures


I took this picture a while back on Tybee Island. It’s one of my favorites. :) I love daybreak, and this one was glorious.

Kandi came over today and we started on our new venture. I’ll share with you what we’re doing in a few days once everything gets going. :) We’re excited and hope we do well with this new idea.

Marshall’s mom and sister came down for a little bit today to see the porch (which is still moving along quite nicely). It sure was nice to see them but next time they should bring me lunch. ;)  (Call me from now on and I’ll be prepared to take you out to lunch!)

I miss Brooke something fierce these past few days. She’ll be home on Friday, but just for the weekend.  I miss her tons and want her home NOW. :(……

Cain will be 18 in 39 more days! :oO

Can someone give me a magic potion that will make my kids stop growing up?! *sigh*

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