Monday, Monday!


The men got here this morning promptly at 7:30 and worked all day (and worked hard!) at getting the back porch put up. There’s still lots to be done but I’m impressed with how much work they completed! One of them is still out there working away. :) I can’t wait to seal it and set some pretty furniture out there. Of course, the furniture will have to wait as it is not in our budget right now.

I worked on my photos ALL day today. I’ve finished getting everything for the show printed. The last of the prints should be here by Wednesday. Kandi helped me choose several to print and all the ones she suggested last time (that I hated) sold like hotcakes. :) I ended up with probably close to 100 different photos as opposed to the 30 that I wanted to choose from. Oops! :)

Since all that choosing is over with, tomorrow I’m going to start on some other things I’ve been putting off. I can’t wait to get started on all of my other projects. I have three things that I really want to get done as soon as possible: a gift I’m making for someone; cleaning Brooke’s room out the rest of the way; and, choosing some other photos of family members for Christmas gifts. (Peanut & Brenda: just act like you didn’t read this part!) Anyway, I’m excited. :)

FYI, there’s only 87 more days until Christmas!

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