Helen, Georgia


Oh Helen, Georgia, how I love thee! Isn’t it beautiful?

We got up this morning (after staying in Jefferson, Ga. last night) and drove the 45 minutes that it took us to get to Helen. The day was absolutely beautiful and we have enjoyed it so, so much. The only way it would be better is if Brooke were with us. Cain and Ashley seem to be having a great time though. I’m telling you, it has just been perfect.

We walked around the little town for most of the day and into the night. We did take a break in between to drive to Anna Ruby Falls. I took tons of pictures, of course. :) The leaves are changing over here already and it’s so pretty. Marshall and I want to try to come back around Halloween. Oh, speaking of Halloween, we went to a haunted house and we had SUCH a blast! There was a lot of screaming going on, but that was just Cain and Marshall. Ashley and I were quite brave. :)

I’m telling you (again) this is one of the best one-day vacations we’ve ever had. We both needed it, too. What a wonderful time!

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