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WordPress is making me mad lately. Well, not really WordPress (I love you, WordPress!), but the themes. I choose one I like and it makes my pictures look wonky. I choose another and my archives are all screwy. I choose yet another and all my links are at the bottom. Why me, whhhhhhhhhhhhhhy?

Just kiddin’. I think I’ll be ok.

So what you’re gonna wanna do is click on this link. Kandi found this and you Moms (and all you kids–oh heck, everyone!) are gonna LOVE it:

Hee hee! Loves it!

So there’s about 10 teenage boys in my house, some filling every room (besides mine of course, because that would just be gross) and I hear their laughter and their ribbing each other and I love it. Tonight most of them shaved their heads. Yes, shaved their heads. My child did not because I threatened his life. Cain has THE prettiest brown hair and it curls and it’s gorgeous. I hate when he shaves it off. He didn’t, therefore he gets to live.

I was sad yesterday. I didn’t want to talk on the phone so I didn’t. I’m sorry if I missed your call. I just didn’t feel like talking to anyone, nothing personal. I miss my granny, that’s all. I’m better today though. Prayer is a wonderful thing. :)

I am thankful that we had some rain today. My part of Georgia is in a “No Watering” zone and I have flowers blooming out there. Thank you, Lord, for the rain!

I’ve been reading The Homespun Heart website the past few days and yes, I’ve mentioned it twice already but I love this young mother’s ideas. I also love the little “Me Quizzes” that she has on there. Here’s one I chose tonight. :)

(Good night!)

Three Things That:

*Scare me: mice, granddaddy longlegs, & being alone in the dark.

*I love: God, family and friends, & my pets.

*I hate: when people are cruel to animals, when football season is over, & washing dishes.

*I don’t understand: why people are so mean to one another, why people have such total disregard for their surroundings, why the war is taking so long .

*Things on my desk: candles, books, Post-it notes.

*I’m doing right now: Watching Lucy outside my window, thinking about filling out my new (cheap) address book, & shaking my leg, which I always do.

*I want to do before I die: Travel to just about every state up north and out west, reconnect with old friends, make sure that everyone that I love knows that I love them. :)

*I can do: cook a great pone of cornbread, write my name upside down AND backwards (my WHOLE name!), and take pretty good pictures.

*I can’t do: paint like my father, sing, play a musical instrument.

*I think you should listen to: Whether you like her or not, listen to Celine Dion sing “O Holy Night,” the soundtrack to Braveheart (the first one especially!), and, of course, YOUR MAMA!

*You should NEVER listen to: people who say you “can’t,” people who put you down, & anything by Steven Seagal. ;)

*I’d like to learn: how to play the violin, how to paint with watercolors, how to sew.

*Favorite foods: Hamburgers, baked ziti from Olive Garden, & homemade macaroni.

*I drink regularly: Diet Coke, lowfat chocolate milk, and milk.

*Shows I watched as a kid: Sesame Street, The Muppet Show (not Muppet babies, but the “real” Muppet show that came on in the evenings), & Land of the Lost (I loved that show!)

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2 thoughts on “Word Press Themes

  1. I’m going to send you our rain. We’ve had 3.5 inches this week already. Parts of MN that got ambushed with floods got it again! It is crazy, just around us places are too dry and we are like a squishy bog. October is normally pretty dry, but we got heavy rains and heavy winds yet again.

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